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Tax compliance services

Thanks to its tax experts, FORTIS continually increases its complementarity with each client, providing everything they need to optimize their controls through the calculation and determination of tax liabilities, analysis of tax risk, counseling, calculation and presentation of taxes on luxury homes, and the latest tax developments in and out of the country.

Services include:

  • Preparation, review and presentation of income tax returns and partial payments (Forms D-101).
  • Reconciliation of financial versus taxable income based on current tax legislation and jurisprudence.
  • Preparation, review and presentation of monthly tax forms such as:
    • General sales tax
    • Retention tax withheld at source
    • Tax on remittances sent abroad
  • Preparation, review and presentation of informational forms (D-151, D-152).
  • Calculation of taxes on deferred income.
  • Procedures with the Costa Rican Tax Authority (registration, modification, or de-registration of taxpayers).
  • Calculation, determination, review and presentation of the declaration on the Solidarity Tax for strengthening housing programs (taxes on luxury homes)
  • Calculation and review of other taxes (real estate, patents)
  • Analysis of tax risk (preventive tax audit) through a strategic study, evaluation and identification of risks and alternative solutions
  • Preparation of “Operations Report” (PROCOMER).