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Administrative Services

In the Administrative area, we offer our clients the following services to better meet their obligations:

  • Invoice management and outsourcing (including assistance with issuance and delivery of company invoices).
  • Management of operating permits: land use certificate, health operating permit, commercial patent.
  • Bank transfers, payroll assistance, issuance of checks.
  • Preparation of memos on petty cash procedures, payroll management, and others.

Internal Control

Led by experts, our innovative practice of administrative management includes the following services:

  • Creation of organizational structures.
  • Counseling on the creation of administrative, financial, accounting and other important processes in the entity’s normal business operation (including internal policies and procedures).
  • Advising and establishment of monitoring processes and risk measurement for companies’ internal control.
  • Creation of internal control solutions or methodologies based on company commercial activities.
  • Assessment of internal control risks.